What we do?

Qualtech Engineering is a multidisciplinary technical engineering professional services firm. Offering our services to industry, in areas such as mechanical engineering, structural engineering and architecture, electrical engineering, instrumentation and processes engineering.


Delivering at each stage of the life cycle of engineering projects and developments.

Project and design engineering services

Mechanical engineering

  • Rotating and static equipment.

  • Pressure vessels - Columns, Vessels, Tanks.

  • Heat transfer equipment - Heat exchangers, heaters.

  • Fire fighting systems.

  • HVAC & Refrigeration.

  • Elevation and transport.


  • Plot Plan, Key Plan, Equipment Layouts.

  • General Arrangement Drawings.

  • Piping Material Specifications.

  • Stress Analysis.

  • Pipe Support Engineering.

  • Isometric drawings.

  • MTO’s / Requisition.

  • Pipeline Design.

Structural engineering

  • Designing, Modeling and Analysis of Steel structures.

  • Structural GA Drawings.

  • Workshop Drawings.

  • Lifting Analysis and Calculation.

  • Bill of Quantities (BOQ).


  • Process Flow diagrams (PFD)

  • Process Instr. diagrams (PID)

  • Sizing of Control Valves, Flow Elements, Safety Valves, etc.

  • Data Sheets.

  • Instrument Hook-ups Drawings

  • Instrument Loop Schematics.

  • Fire and Gas Detection System Philosophy and Specification.

  • Cable Selection and Scheduling Specifications of PLC/DCS or PC based Systems.

Electrical Engineering

  • Load & Motor starting studies.

  • Single Line Diagram (SLD).

  • Electrical Layouts for Power , Lighting, Earthing & Lightening.

  • Selection of HV/LV Switchgear, MCC, Transformers.

  • Voltage drop & cable sizing calculations.

  • Cable Schedules.

  • MTO.